Sector Focus

Our focus on the telecoms and technology sectors stems from the basic tenet that telecoms and technology fulfils basic needs for us – the ability to connect and communicate as people in society while technology allows us to provide smart solutions to tackle real world challenges. The evolution of telecoms into integral omnipresent part of our existence that permeates every aspect of our existence as to seamlessly connect and share information with anyone.

We are largely involved in the emerging and frontier markets investing in assets that can capitalise on the growth opportunities this sector provides. The biggest advantage of emerging market investments is the potential for high growth and we cover the risk and volatility of these markets by addressing liquidity and inefficiencies through our experience.

We look to reduce their capital expenditure that the leasing of assets to improve their cashflows. We also consider the material benefits of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors when investing in assets in these markets. Companies that successfully address these challenges generally achieve superior financial performance over time through faster growth and higher profitability.

Diverse Portfolio

Zoom Global intends to have a diverse portfolio as part of its risk management strategy that mixes a wide variety of investments. The current portfolio is focused on telecommunications, technology and renewable energy assets and is fully guaranteed to investors.

Asset Acquisition

Zoom Global asset acquisition strategy underpins our approach to gain control of assets owned and limiting our exposure to the financial risk of the operating company. In addition, this is geared towards improving the performance of the company by radically reducing costs to improve margins and cash flows.


Our telecom focus is driven by the new wave of infrastructure rollout and service innovation. Zoom Global looks to creative approaches to unlock capital for operators and improve management’s focus on value creation.

Our primary emphasis lies within the telecommunications industry's fiber sector in both South Africa and the United States of America.


Incorporating cutting-edge technology enhances the investment company's efficiency, analysis, and decision-making, ultimately driving greater returns for clients.


The energy sector is vital to the global economy because it provides the fuel and power needed to drive trade and travel.Focusing on the infrastructure and energy business segments provides a significant investment universe for companies operating in essentials industries. Zoom Global looks at the whole value chain of the sector since energy will always be in demand; its use is expected to grow this focus give us the opportunity to shape our futures.

Committed to Responsible Investment

We invest in and acquire business assets to secure our investments rather than equity or company shares. We look at the intrinsic value of the underlying asset and take a forward view based on the market conditions. Whilst we do not get involved with any business operationally, we maintain some oversight over the management of the assets.

We look to invest in assets that makes a positive impact in society creating opportunities for growth enablement. Our investments are geared to guarantee a secure, risk-free investment, whilst at the same time ensuring that these investments are faithful to the tenets of Shari’ah law through valuable oversight and guidance provided by our respected Board of Advisors and Islamic Scholars.