About Us

Zoom Global has been borne out of the entrepreneurial spirit of its founding members as it seeks to build, support and invest in businesses in emerging and frontier markets. Zoom Global looks to make a difference in society through our investments whilst at the same time providing solid, risk free returns for our investors.

Zoom Global has a distinct and unique value proposition based on a Shari’ah compliant investment model. All of the investments and transactions are secured through a tangible asset base.

We currently have one asset class that is ready for investment: telecommunications.

Our investments are carefully vetted and chosen by our esteemed Board of Advisors to guarantee a secure, risk-free investment, whilst at the same time ensuring that these investments are faithful to the tenets of Shari’ah law.


Our Leadership Team

As fervent company builders, we thrive on the exhilarating pursuit of pushing the boundaries within the telecommunications and technology spheres. Our unwavering passion fuels us to pioneer innovative solutions, catalyzing transformative progress and propelling the industries forward.

Mo Manjra

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Abu Hajaree


Zeyn Manjra

Chief Operations Officer

Neelay Pillay

Chief Technology Officer

Rashaad Pandor

Chief Legal Officer

Raza Khan

Chief Information Officer

Lauren Pandor

General Manager